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Funny Squirrel Poster Photo Print

Funny Squirrel Poster Photo Print

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If you love squirrels, you'll enjoy seeing this funny photo time and time again. Get one for yourself as a mobile phone wallpaper. Share with a friend as a gift. It's a low resolution version perfectly suited for cell phones.

When you buy, you'll get a link to the file you can download.

If you'd like a high resolution print, just contact Michael Murray Photography at to get the size you want for your home or office.

Squirrels are small, energetic rodents that are native to many parts of the world. They are known for their acrobatic leaps, comical expressions, and habit of stuffing their cheeks with nuts. Squirrels are often considered to be pests, but they can also be fun to watch.

Here are some of the reasons why squirrels are so fun to watch and capture in photos:

They are very active and playful. Squirrels are always on the move, leaping from branch to branch, chasing each other, and digging up nuts. They are always entertaining to watch.
They are very intelligent. Squirrels are able to solve complex problems and learn new things quickly. They are also very good at remembering where they have hidden their nuts.
They are very cute. Squirrels have big, bushy tails, bright eyes, and funny faces. They are hard not to find adorable.
Here are some of the nuts that squirrels like to eat:

Acorns: Acorns are the nuts of oak trees. They are a good source of food for squirrels.
Walnuts: Walnuts are the nuts of walnut trees. They are a good source of fat and protein for squirrels.
Pecans: Pecans are the nuts of pecan trees. They are a good source of food for squirrels.
Hickory nuts: Hickory nuts are the nuts of hickory trees. They are a good source of food for squirrels.
Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts are the nuts of hazel trees. They are a good source of food for squirrels.
Here are some tips for capturing squirrels with a camera:

Use a telephoto lens. This will allow you to get closer to the squirrels without scaring them away.
Be patient. Squirrels are very active creatures, so you may need to wait a while to get the perfect shot.
Try to get a variety of shots. Squirrels are very expressive creatures, so try to capture their different moods and behaviors.
Here are some additional tips for watching squirrels:

Go to a park or wooded area. Squirrels are most active in the morning and evening, so those are the best times to go.
Be quiet and still. Squirrels are easily spooked, so try to be as quiet as possible.
Bring binoculars or a camera. This will allow you to get a closer look at the squirrels.
Squirrels can be a lot of fun to watch. With a little patience and observation, you can learn a lot about these fascinating creatures. Share a squirrel photo today

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"I've been enjoying Mike's photos online for years. His photos have a way of making things very familiar to me more beautiful than I remember. They bring me a lot of joy. He helps me appreciate the beauty around here. I finally own one of "Tree Farm Trail" photos; now I have the beauty in my home. Mike takes an ordinary, familiar landscape and makes it absolutely beautiful."

Laurie Zahar
Strongsville, OH

“We are thrilled with the bridge picture. WE LOVE IT!"

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